Thank you to our supporters*

The Mountain Towns Housing Project would like to thank the following individuals, couples, organizations, foundations, businesses and State organizations that have made a pledge or a gift in support of the Bob Perry Lane Project. We are deeply grateful for the support of these donors. 

Individual Donors:

Paul & Shodie Alcorn

Peter Arenson & Cyndy Guy

Nathaniel & Kimberly Arnold

Michael Bennett

Annie Bessettte

Truman & Ludmilla Bidwell

May Bigelow

Marjorie Blanchard

Jon Bliss

Penny Bobar

Peter Bowditch

Marlene Boyaner

Robert & Maureen Brandt

Judith Brownell

Brenda & Antonio Cardosa (In memory of Andrew Knopp)

Timothy Carr & Jean Manning

Carrie Chalmers

Gladdys Church

David Citron

Miner & Debra Clark

Susan & Bill Cooley

Berthe & Bob Cowles

Martha & Curt Cowles

Maureen Cronin

Martha & Dick Dale

Allison Dalziel

Liza Dee

Anne & Daniel Degan

Lisa DeLima & Bobby Alter

Harvey and Jean DeMovick

Rev. Jordan & Derry Dickenson

Oliver DiMeo

Robert Dixon

Annie Dolivo

Elizabeth Ekloff

William & Samantha Elio

Patty and  Steve Eisenhaur

Albert J. Jaeger, Jr. 

Hong Fan (In memory of Andrew Knopp)

Adam Fitzpatrick

Doug Friant

Caroline Fritizinger

Gisela Gamper

Timothy Garry & Jean Manning

Howard F. Gillette, Jr.

Suzie & Al Goetze

Cynthia & Larry Gubb

Leigh Hance

Dan Hanenberg

Richard & Nancy Hauser

Kathleen Havens

Don & Deb Hazelton

Bob Hazelton

Bill Hoyt

John Jacobi

Bob Jackson

Susie & Michael Kramer

Andrew Knopp

Shirley Knowlton

Joel & Gail Kuhlberg

Robert & Betsy Lahue

Rose & Lou Lanese

Cosby Lux

William Lattanzi (In memory of Andrew Knopp)

Mary Lines

Jim & Vicky Linville

Michael and Heidi Lynn

Dale Malekoff

Florence McDonough

Chris and Laura Megroz

Members of the Second Congregational Church

Ellen Perelli Minetti

Jeffrey & Virginia Morgan

Donna Taranko-Moulton

Ken Moulton

Laurie & Mark Mullen

Mr. Murchko

Alison & Alexander Nalle (In memory of Hazel & Ernie Tracy)

Jerry Oberle

Lyman Orton and Janet Izzi

Anderson Page

Brooke Paxton

Alan Peters

Nicole Pfister

Scott Rawson

Barbara Pierce & Richard Robertson

Denis & Nancy Pinkernell

Leonore Pirrotti

Helene Quinn (In memory of Andrew Knopp)

Kim & Bob Ray

Monica Ray

Ivana M. Kerod Reed

Tia Rosengarten

Alice & Ross Sandler

Helen & Guerrino Savio

Lisa Sciotte

John & Ann Spencer

Skip Raymond and Karen Stewart

Elsie & Bill Smith

Stephen Stettler

Sullivan family

Cody Taylor

Charlotte Tracy (In memory of Hazel & Ernie Tracy)

Ernest & Karen Tracy (In memory of Hazel & Ernie Tracy)

Virginia Tracy (In memory of Hazel & Ernie Tracy)

Mary Wait & Peter Schultz

Patricia Walsh

Barbara & Bob Wells

Bruce Whitney (In honor of Robert Lewis and Susan Evans Whitney) 

Mary Whittlesey

John Williams

Stephanie Wiley

Judith Young (In memory of Andrew Knopp)

     Jeanne Zammataro and Ira Zuckerman

     Suzanne Zeller

And 12 donors who wish to remain anonymous. 


Andover Community Church

Blue Gentian Lodge

Community Fund for Londonderry

Just Neighbors

Landgrove Church

Town of Londonderry

Second Congregational Church, Londonderry

Wantastiquet Rotary Club and Members:

Roger Del Giorno

            Deb Greene

            Peter Isakson

            Joel Kuhlberg

            Janice McInerney

            Skip Raymond

            Buz Seeley

            Carl Westberg

            Tom Widger

Windham and Windsor Housing Trust & Bruce Whitney


Gardiner Cunningham Foundation

Jeffrey Beale Charitable Trust

Heritage Family “Care for You” Foundation

M & T Bank Foundation

Right Track Foundation

Sarah & Sandford Bernhardt Charitable Fund

The Wendy Rowland Charitable Trust


Arnold Appraisal Service, Kyle Arnold

Blackney & Farnsworth

Brown Dog Builders, Brian Spears

Brown Enterprises, Steve Brown

Forbes Construction, Robert & David Forbes

Frost Wells & Pumps, Inc., Dan Frost

Andrew Hazelton

Homestead Landscaping, Tami & Steve Blanchard

Hunter Excavating, Hunter Kaltsas

Jamaica Cottage Shop, Wallace Fischer

LaValley Building Supply

LBL Fabrications

Marquise & Morano, LLC, Michael Marquise, PE

Precision Plumbing & Heating, the Hathaway Family

Record Concrete, Charlie Record

RK Miles, Joe Miles

Rugg Valley Landscaping, Mark & Sunny Wright

Typestries, Rick McDonough

Wadsworth Design Build, Rob Wadsworth

Weston Island Logging, Inc., Jeffrey & Lisa Yrsha

Vermont Foam Insulation, Will Reed

Lexi Young, Attorney

State Agencies: 

Vermont Housing and Conservation Board

Vermont Housing Finance Agency

Construction Volunteers:

Peter Areson

Paul Alcorn

John Bliss

Judy Brownell

Kara Corlew

Davis Davis

Dan Hanenberg

Alan Peters

Scott and Laurie Rawson 

Wantastiquet Rotary Club members:

Roger Del Giorno

          Deb Greene

          Peter Isakson

          Joel Kuhlberg

          Janice McInerney

          Skip Raymond

          Buz Seeley

          Carl Westberg

          Tom Widger

*As of February 26, 2024

We have tried our best to include everyone who has supported this project, but if we have inadvertently not included your name please let us know.