Do you want to become a homeowner?

Here is your opportunity to buy a reasonably priced, three-bedroom two bath home in Londonderry.

• Have you lived or worked in the Mountain Towns area for 12 months?

• Is your current housing unsatisfactory (not enough space, cost prohibitive, unsafe)?

• Volunteers and future homeowners help with construction, thereby reducing the cost of construction.

• Homebuyers pay an affordable mortgage for their new house.

If you have a steady source of income, a history of managing money responsibly and pre-tax, household income between 80% and 120% of the area median income, you are invited to apply to our homeownership program.

Email us to receive further information on the application process and to see if a Mountain Towns Project home might be right for you. Our email address is:

Household Size 80% AMI* 120% AMI

1     $51,950       $77,628

2     $59,400       $89,088

3     $66,800       $100,224

4     $74,250       $111,360

*Average Median Income

As of March 2023